【Report】 The 5th Tombow Display Contest

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (headquarters: Kita-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Akihiro Ogawa) called on stationery stores nationwide to hold the “Tombow Display Contest” for two months from July 1 this year. 170 stores nationwide participated in corona disaster.
“There was a period when we were forced to refrain, so we participated in the opportunity for customers to come back” and “It was a good opportunity for our employees to work together to regain sales.” We would like to express our deep gratitude to the stationery stores who participated.
At the same time, from this year, our local subsidiary in China, Tombow Pencil (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has held the first “蜻蜓文具店舗陳列大賽”, which is a display contest for dealers in the same format as in Japan, so we will report the results.

The 5th Tombow Display Contest Grand Prix
KURABUN Co., Ltd.  Usagiya Okayama Store
(Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture)

【Point of display】The concept is that you can actually touch and experience the product.
You can try all the displayed products.

Grand Prix award ceremony. October 23, 2020 at Usagiya Okayama Store(Interviewed in the second half)


The 5th Tombow Display Contest Semi-Grand Prix

Sanseido Shoten Jinbocho Honten (Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Futaba Tosyo TERA Hiroshima Fuchu Store(Aki-gun, Hiroshima Prefecture)


The 5th Tombow Display Contest Category Award

Air Touch System Award
BY Yoshida (Kurayoshi City, Tottori Prefecture)

User Award
Super Stationery Waka (Date City, Hokkaido)

Essence Award
Miyazaki Co., Ltd. (Shikoku Chuo City, Ehime Prefecture)

Brand Appeal Award
T’s Stationery Shop (Ayaka-gun, Kagawa Prefecture)



Grand Prix interview
KURABUN Co., Ltd. “Usagiya Okayama Store”
Masaharu Matsunari, Managing Director, General Manager of Management Division
Kyoko Izawa, Store Manager
Hidemasa Matsushita, Deputy Manager

――Congratulations on this time. Please hear your joy at winning the Grand Prix.
I was very surprised when I heard the first report, but I’m glad I did it.

―― Please tell us the reason for participating
We participated with the aim of improving the skills of the person in charge. We can also see the display of other stores nationwide,
It was stimulating.

――Please let us know the points of the display and the difficulties you have had.
This display was created with the concept of actually trying it out and experiencing the goodness of the product. Because it was the first fixture to be used, it was difficult to get an image, and it was difficult to think about composition and balance. In the end, we used three shelves to MONO and PIT brands in a voluminous way.

――How was the reaction of the customers?
It was displayed in the center of the sales office for adults and children, so I think that it was seen by a wide range of generations of customers. The displayed products have been sold on the standard shelves for a long time, but I feel that sales went up very much in this display and had the effect of trial samples. In addition to the ” MONO AIR ” “PiT AIR”,I was surprised that the knock type ultra-fine eraser “Mono Zero” sold unexpectedly.

―― I heard that the store has been renewed in July of this year.
The sales department is not by category, but is newly configured according to the customer’s age and usage scene, and a trial corner and a product corner of a local company have been newly established. The café also has a sample of stationery for trial use, and it is important to have the product touched. We aim to be a store where customers can feel the goodness of stationery and enjoy it slowly.

KURABUN Co., Ltd. “Usagiya Okayama Store”



Tombow Display Contest in China
The 1st “蜻蜓文具店舗陳列大賽” Report

Since this year, our local subsidiary in China, Tombow Pencil (Dalian) Co., Ltd. has held Tombow Display Contest in the same format as in Japan. The 1st “蜻蜓文具店舗陳列大賽” was attended by 93 stores from all over China for the first time. We will report the top winning stores.
We presented a certificate of award and a product worth 8,888 yuan to the Grand Prix winning store, and a certificate of award and a product equivalent to the vice prize of 5,188 yuan to the semi-Grand Prix winning store.


The 1st “蜻蜓文具店舗陳列大賽 “
Grand Prix 苹果文具店
Location: Liaoning Province


Grand Prix interview
苹果文具店  Representative 許明徳
I would like to thank Tombow for awarding the prestigious award, and Supplier 粵東興隆.
The reason We participated in the contest was to deepen my knowledge of the history and products of Tombow. Also, We wanted to revitalize the storefront by strengthening brand awareness.
Therefore, we tried to strengthen the impression of the store by making use of the color of “blue, white, black”, which is the symbol color of MONO, and displaying various products. What was difficult was to display the product beautifully. It was very hard to line up the products beautifully in a small space.
Throughout the contest, customers who had known Tombow only the company name until now were familiar with the history of Tombow, and the recognition of the brand increased.
Strength and characteristic of 苹果文具店 is that it values products and strictly implements quality control. We would like to continue to develop with the products of Tombow.


The 1st “蜻蜓文具店舗陳列大賽 “
Semi-Grand Prix  読享時光42中店
Location: Hebei Province

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