An introductory book full of style and how-to with brush pen ABT
Tombow Pencil Supervised “Casual Hand Lettering Life” published

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“Casual Hand Lettering Life,” an introduction to the current topic of hand lettering (modern calligraphy), was released on November 7 th from SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd. It was supervised by “FUN ART STUDIO” (later) operated by Tombow.
This is a 144-page handbook featuring Tombow “Dual Brush Pen ABT” (108 colors) and brush pen FUDENOSUKE (10 colors) in hand, conveying feelings, delivering love, expressing gratitude, and wishing for happiness.
The price is 1,800 yen + tax. It is sold at Kinokuniya Bookstore, Sanseido Shoten, Maruzen, Tsutaya Shoten and other major bookstores. You can also order from bookstores nationwide and Internet bookstores.


“FUN ART STUDIO” is a platform that Tombow Pencil transmit information based on the concept of “making art more familiar”. We opened an Instagram account in 2018 and post content with eight artists every day. Followers is currently about 36,000. In 2019, we also opened a website. We publish a wealth of hand lettering works by brush pen ABT, etc., and send out information about hand lettering, such as the process of writing, points, recommended tools, etc.

“Casual Hand-Lettering Life” supervised this time, in cooperation with popular hand-writing artists, realize the fun of turning over texture, air, and pages that can not be conveyed on the net. In addition to the basic typefaces and how to write them, we also show you how to make hand lettering items. We also have a guide sheet that you can download and use for typeface practice.

Chapter1 Modern Lifestyle with Hand Lettering
Chapter2 Nice Samples You Can Do Right Away
Chapter3 How to Make Hand Lettering Items
Chapter4 Nice Hand Lettering Found on SNS

About Brush Pens
Basic Lesson
From Hand Lettering Artist
Making Art More Familiar (P138)


Title: Casual Hand-Lettering Life
Supervised by: FUN ART STUDIO (Tombow Pencil Co.,Ltd.)
Issued by: SHUFUNOTOMO Co., Ltd.
Price: 1800 yen + tax
Spec: B5 , 144 pages
Release Date: November 7, 2019 web


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