The 50th anniversary of MONO -color birth is released.
Set all five-generation Plastic Eraser MONO from the first
Commemorative ” MONO pin batch” with

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa), this year is the 50th anniversary of the birth of the blue black and white ” MONO color” that begins to release Plastic Eraser MONO -Eraser, reprinted the History of the Plastic Eraser MONO [ The 50th anniversary of MONO -Color Birth (product name/photo right) will be released on July 5, limited to stationery stores nationwide.

This set is a four-generation Plastic Eraser from the first Plastic Eraser MONO to 2000 (paper case) was reprinted in 1969, the eraser was added to almost the same products as the current product 1 Plastic EraserTo five, anniversary ” MONO pin Batch” = set one right = photo. I finished it to the gift specification with a vanity box.
※ The product in the set is “50th ANNIVERSARY SINCE 1969” is described.
Through the five-term MONO -color, I think about half a century of “writing and erasing”, such as learning, examination, business, and creatn.
The suggested retail price of this set is 600 yen per tax (648 yen tax). The sales volume is limited to 45000 sets.

Plastic Eraser MONO has adopted the MONO -color of blue, white, and black for 50 years from the first generation (primary) to the fifth generation for all generations uniformly. As far as the first generation blue is brighter than the later generations = Photo right =. Since the second generation, the color is almost unified, the MONO logo type that was adopted in each era, the corporate mark and the corporate logo type will change.

The current fifth generation = photograph right = is a color blue, white, and a black designation, and the color scheme is defined as blue, white, and black (three equal parts) in order from the top. In this outline, MONO -color was registered as the first patent Office “trademark consisting only of color” in March 2017.

The 50th anniversary of MONO pin Batch >
This set is with pin batch (bundled). We adopted the current fifth generation of Plastic Eraser Designs (design), which was renewed in 2013, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in the pin batch. (Size: Width 25 × Height 12.5 mm/with Fasteners)

■ MONO color First “trademark consisting of color only” registration
In 1969, the color that was adopted to the sleeve at the time of release [MONO] excellent plastic out of the character erasing power. In order from the top, the MONO color of the three-color pattern which arranged blue, white, and black is developed uniformly for half a century, and the design manual is built and operated.
By having consistently used three colors of blue, white, and black in these products, having served to maintain the quality of the MONO brand product at a high level at all times, It has been widely recognized that this color pattern has the value as a trademark with the source display function and the quality guarantee function. In March 2017, it was registered as the first patent Office “trademark consisting only of color”.
In 2011, Plastic Eraser MONO won the good Design Long Life Design Award.

■ MONO color Development
The mono Plastic Eraser , which was the launch of the three-color pattern OF The Mono brand, currently has 11 varieties and 19 species (a product that introduces the three-color pattern OF the Mono brand), the Plastic Eraser for clerical learning It is a top brand with a share of about 30% (2015/company estimate) in the market. In addition, the product field of the MONO brand which develops in three color patterns is a part of pencils, Correction Tape , part of the mechanical pencil, Spare Leads , a multi-function pen, Each product is 35 varieties and 142 species (the number of items that the difference in color pattern and size is counted as 1).

” MONO color 50th Anniversary Anniversary set” released on July 5 600 yen + tax

Makeup boxed Size 138 x 15 x 76mm. The Plastic Eraser is all pe-01a size (17 × 11 × 43mm).
Special design that describes the “50th ANNIVERSARY SINCE 1969” On the side of the sleeve of five kinds of Plastic Eraser .

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