The multi-function pen ” MONO graph multi ” which has a practical Plastic Eraser and enhanced Perfection is released.
The multi-function pen ” MONO graph multi ” which has a practical Plastic Eraser and enhanced Perfection is released.

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) is a multi-functional pen with a ballpoint pen pen black, red and shear pencil, with a practical Plastic Eraser of a length of 26 mm Will be released on March 8, a new multifunctional pen enriched with “erase”. When writing with a mechanical pencil, about half of the users were feeling that “the accessory Plastic Eraser of the multifunctional pen is dissatisfied”* , so we eliminated this and enhanced the completeness of the multi-function pen.
※ 2013 Research/Survey sample 600 people
The product name is a multi-function pen ” MONO graph multi “, and the retail price is 648 yen with tax (600 yen by tax). The body color is six colors (blue and white MONO color, gold, black, blue, lime, pink). The annual sales plan is 760,000, about 450 million yen (retail price).

This product is a multi-functional pen with a ballpoint pen pen black, ballpoint pen pen Red, and a shear pencil (0.5 mm core) in a standard diameter of 12 millimeters long and 150 millimeters. The point that the knock part has a diameter of 5.3 mm and 26 millimeters in length with the Plastic Eraser of the type is a feature. This Plastic Eraser Eraser can be erased about six times the normal Plastic Eraser (practical average volume ratio) of the multi-function pen. In addition to “writing” 3 functions, “erase” has been enhanced as one function.

The “write” 3 function is selected by rotating the black ring of the body axis tail where the clip is fixed. When the transparent clip is matched to “○ BLACK ballpoint pen “, the Ballpoint pen black, (rotated right) and “▼ 0.5” to match the shear pencil, (rotated right) to match the “RED” ballpoint pen The pen is repeated in the order of red. The rotation can be used in the reverse rotation without the direction.
The “erase” function rotates the knock part of the body axis tail and repeats the Plastic Eraser . The right rotation is put out, and the left rotation is stored. You can knock even with the Plastic Eraser out.

■ ballpoint pen features 0.5 mm oily ballpoint pen with excellent writing performance black ink and red ink
We have adopted ” Air Touch Ink “, an ultra-low-viscosity oil ink developed in 2016. The writing resistance is light and can be written smoothly (the writing resistance decreases 35% compared with our conventional product/black ink). The written concentration is darker and crisp writing is suitable for writing small letters such as a pocketbook (the written concentration is 28% better than our conventional product/black ink). We have formulated improvements to significantly reduce the extraction of the castles.

■ Mechanical pencil feature knock mechanism 0.5 mm core mechanical pencil function
The tip of the shear pencil is repeated when the clip is matched to “▼ 0.5”. The knock-button functions only in this position, knocks several times and leaves the wick of the length of the favor. I balanced the weight of the knock-button so that the knock function does not work with the erase pressure when erasing characters. The core is replenished by removing the mechanical pencil unit in the shaft and compensating for the two or three.

■ Plastic Eraser features diameter 5.3 mm/Length 26 mm practical Plastic Eraser
I was equipped with a Holder Eraser of the rotation-out type to the knock stick of the trunk axis tail. The left rotation is put out by the right rotation and it houses it. The Plastic Eraser is ideal for word and erasing in a diameter of 5.3 mm. This is a synthetic Plastic Eraser that is less likely to crack. Since the total length is 26 millimeters, practical use can be 16 millimeters, so you can erase more than 6 times the normal multi-function pen accessory Plastic Eraser (practical average volume ratio *). The suitable Plastic Eraser is “for the replacement Plastic Eraser MONO graph (3 pieces/100 yen by tax)”.
* The General Plastic Eraser that accompanies the multifunctional pen is roughly 4 millimeters in diameter and 4 millimeters of practical length, and it is an approximate magnification comparing the practical volume of this volume and the Plastic Eraser for MONO -graphs.

This product is integrated with a multi-function pen and Holder Eraser to fit the standard pen outline (12 mm in diameter and 150 mm in length), and we are making the design improvement to rationalize the scale and the space of each mechanism part.

The multi-function pen, “pens that are all in one” is entrenched in students and social people, including our company is a steady sale to commercialize stationery manufacturers, the Plastic Eraser to correct the sharp pencil writing ” I'm not very satisfied with it. “About half of the users (30%) , the situation was high dissatisfaction among students. ※ 2013 Research/Survey sample 600 people

From left, MONO color, gold, black, blue, lime, pink

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