Cultural broadcasting “You are not Alone” student support campaign
” Tombow Pencil Presents Recen!” Special support for prospective students
December 11 (Mon) 2 hours live broadcast decision

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) is a part of the campaign “You are not alone” to expand the cultural broadcasting for the students this winter, popular late night wide program [Recommen! We provide a crown format for about two hours. The program name is ” Tombow Pencil Presents recommmen!” Student Support Special “, broadcast on Monday, December 11, 22:00 ~ 23:55.
“Recommender!” “Is a popular show for young people who have won the sixth consecutive hearing rate of a teenage male and a woman in a wide-late night of the cultural broadcasting which started in 2003. Our company provides a broadcast of about two hours a night as a special support for students. In addition, “Recommen! Will jointly provide an original corner for the students who will be special every Tuesday for three months from December 5.
■ Program Overview
Show title ” Tombow Pencil Presents recommmen!” Special support for prospective students
Broadcast Date: Monday, December 11, 2017 22:00-23:55 (about 2 hours)
Broadcasting station Cultural Broadcasting (Kanto 1, 11 prefectures) * As a net station, Kyoto Broadcasting, Akita Broadcasting, Radio Fukushima, Shizuoka Broadcasting
Performer Otenki glues (main personality),
At the same time, “Recommender! Every Tuesday from December 5 to March 13, we jointly provide an original corner for prospective students and broadcast COMMERCIALS.
■ Program Concept
” Tombow = winning insect = Good luck” is presented to the student the message that springs of QI in the keyword. The program “Recommen” on Twitter And connect the Tombow Pencil and listener, net news that will want to talk in school tomorrow, quotations that are out of the mind, “high-level examination conscious” examination special to respect, Tombow Pencil to encourage the examination And provide gifts and other information from the
This program is a two-way program of the listener participation type to exchange the “hard work” at the time before the test before the examination student exchanges each other. Tombow Pencil It is a valuable opportunity to be able to expand the width of the exchange with the USER through SNS not only to strengthen the branding of our company but also to participate in the key word of “bug” in this program. I hope that the Tombow Pencil will continue to be a good partner for young people through the “write, Erase, and paste” products even in the new stage after entering the school.

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