Writing series “Japan shape”
ballpoint pen “Zoom Rhyme” series released

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) established the Writing series on the theme of “Japan shape” in the design Writing instrument brand “zoom/Zoom”, and two new products will be released on November 24.
The series name is “ZOOM rhyme”. Because the rhyme has meanings such as sound (afterglow) and elegance (wind rhyme), and conveys the sensibility inherent in Japan, this word is made a series name and “Shape of the Japan” is pursued. The letter is referred to as “Ying”.
New products to be released from the Zoom Rhyme series, (1) water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Chopsticks” (trade name), MSRP price of 16,200 yen (tax excluding 15,000 yen), There are two colors: Gold and platinum. (2) The water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Sand Crest” (trade name), the MSRP is 10,800 yen (10,000 yen by tax), and two colors of the Gray (do not sleep) and the Ai gray .
This series is a collection of “shape of the Japan” with the form and the texture of the pen and the finish feeling, and does not adopt the pattern and the picture, etc.

Stationery Store Display Example
Left side of the picture “ZOOM rhyme chopsticks”, photo right vertical “ZOOM rhyme Sand Crest”

Water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Chopsticks”
As the name of the product, traditional tableware “chopsticks” is a motif (theme) modeling. The CAP head is rounded (12mm × 12mm) toward the crown (10mm diameter) Japan The unique modeling of chopsticks has been adopted in the pen body axis. The paint was Atma, and the barrel of the precious metal which reminiscent of the chopstick belt in the middle of the body axis (diameter 12mm, length 21mm) was wound. Gold is used for the restoration of arts and crafts and cultural properties, Kanazawa gold leaf, and platinum foil was applied. This is hand processing by skilled craftsmen. The gold and silver tube gives a deep black color, and the jet black color highlights the shine of gold and silver and enjoys each other. The clip was adopted the form of the Sumaki that closed the fan. The cap is threaded and is a traditional style to enjoy the conduct of the book.

Cutting out
Lacquered Acrylic paint aluminum body
Grip Part Gold leaf/platinum Foil finish
Fan-shaped metal clip
screw cap
Original Package

【 Variety 】 Water-based ballpoint pen
【 Axial color 】 Golden (kogane)/Shirokane
【 Price 】 15,000 yen (tax not included)
[Part number] BW-ZYH06 (Gold)/W-zih04 (Platinum)
[Size] shaft diameter 12mm × Maximum width 16 mm × length 141mm/35g
[Packaging Size (packaged)] width 73mm× × thickness 32mm× length
【 Sales Plan 】 2,800 JPY/year, 42 million yen (retail price)
【 Designer 】 Memento Kazunori (Katami-no- glues ). Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. Product Planning Department, Creative Design Group, extraordinary art director. In 1984, he joined the ZOOM series designer from .2003. Awarded the 2005iF Design Award and RedDot Award at ZOOM414. Other producers, directors, and designers received numerous design awards. To the present.

Water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Sand Crest”
The motif of the sand crest in the garden style “Karansui” which expresses scenery of the landscape by stone and sand. It expresses the unique microcosm of the Japan, which resembles a geometric pattern of aluminum. Because a pen can make the appearance of the sand crest stand out, the pen has adopted a rare standing drum shape (cap head diameter 14mm, axial center 12mm, pen crown 14mm/photo). Enjoy the lingering atmosphere of the quiet space of the dry landscape. The surface was finished in the traditional color of the Gray and the Ai gray by alumite processing. The cap can be fitted at the end of the shaft, and the CAP is inserted and written. The cap is a traditional style of threaded type.

Aluminum Cut out pattern body
Japan Alumite finish that expresses ancient traditional colors
Special shape to be independent
Spring movable Metal Clip
screw cap
Self-repairing paint is applied to the Brush (tapered part) to maintain luster
Original Package

【 Variety 】 Water-based ballpoint pen
[Axis color] Gray (Do not sleep)/ Ai gray
【 Price 】 10,000 yen (tax not included)
[Part number] BW-ZYS04 ( Gray )/W-zys44 ( Ai gray )
[Size] shaft diameter 14mm× × max width 18mm× × length 133mm/32g
[Packaging Size (packaged)]
Width 73mm× × thickness 32mm× length
Sales plan: 3,000 yen per year, 30 million JPY (retail price)
【 Designer 】 Memento Kazunori (Katami-no- glues ) profile wherein.

The “ZOOM” brand was founded in 1986. The released products received the International Design Award of 14 total. ZOOM is growing as a global brand with design power and perfection.
As the globalization of Japan is accelerating, the brand has been established for 30 years, and ZOOM has merged the “shape of the Japan” into a new theme, and the likeness Japan the modern Writing .

Water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Chopsticks”
MSRP price incl. 16,200 yen
Golden (kogane) = Photo =, Shirokane (Shiro) all two colors

Water-based ballpoint pen “Zoom rhyme Sand Crest”
MSRP price incl. 10,800 yen
Gray (Shiro) = Photo =, Ai gray (AI-No) all two colors


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