Enrich the expression with dots and lines
Round stamp core Marking pen [ Play Color Dot ] All 12 colors released

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) is a new series of Water-based, pigment twin marking pen (draw) and a dot of 5mm large (dots), the line of thick, fine and High precision is [ Play Color Dot ] ( Product name) will be released on October 19.

This product is a twin pen with a circular stamp core of about 5mm in diameter and a High precision about 0.3 mm (writing line width) core. The round stamp core which is a feature is able to draw a point of about 5mm (dot) when I her brow a stamp with a pen vertically. When writing in the holding of the pen, a variety of lines are closed by the vertical writing and the horizontal writing.
Points (dots) can be displayed, such as “important”, “bullet”, “completion”, etc., and expand expressive power such as illustrations, art can also be expressed as a sketch. Lines draw a variety of line widths than traditional marking pens, and expand the range of expressions.

By combining dots and lines, you can display “relationship”, “direction”, “period”, etc., and enrich the technique of drawing illustrations. ( High precision about 0.3 mm core below)
The sales form and the price of ” Play Color Dot ” are as follows.
The MSRP of a single item (monochromatic/1) is 172 yen (160 yen by tax) and 3 colors A/B set with each tax included 518 yen (480 yen by tax), and 12 color set with tax 2,073 yen (1,920 yen by tax).
The annual sales plan is 1,520,000, 240 million yen (retail price).

Draw 5mm DotsThis product adopts a cylindrical round stamp core of about 5mm in diameter. You can draw a point (dot) of about 5 millimeters in diameter when you her brow the stamp with vertical. In the past, to draw a dot, draw a circle, it involves the need to paint the inside, the round stamp core can be drawn with one touch to her brow the stamp. A point (dot) is her brow = right reference = refers to the bullets in the bulleted list = right reference =, the point (dot) is her brow to the important point of the note, and the point (dot) is her brow to the “already” mark and the use is versatile. You can also draw illustrations by overlapping dots, etc. = Right reference =, and also a multi-color point (dot) to make an artist expression, such as a sketch.

Write a wide variety of
lines (draw)
if you pull the circle stamp core of this product in width by holding the pen, you can write a variety of writing lines depending on the line and the angle with the pen. If you write, you can write delicate horizontal line and boned vertical line, Hane and Halai lively, decorative character = right reference =. These techniques enrich the technique of drawing illustrations and the like. It is also suitable for underline and overline.
By combining lines and dots, you can display “relation”, “direction”, etc., and enrich the depiction in illustrations.
This product is twin tip and one pen tip is High precision core of about 0.3 mm writing line width. It is suitable for a detailed entry to a note, a card, etc. The ink of the High precision Core adopts the tonal color which thickens the concentration from the round stamp core so that the line is drawn from the point (dot), and the decoration is written in the dot. (In one main, it is filled with the ink of the tint is separated into two batting)

All 12 colors
of vivid
This product is 12 colors. The colors are cherry red, sakura, coral, orange, honey yellow, apple green, mint green, sky blue, blue, lilac, grey and brown.

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