Will appeal that the wood of the managed forest is trying to
Forest certification of Tombow Pencil and pencils

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, president and Akihiro Ogawa) use the wood of a controlled forest to the wood axis material of the main writing pencil and color pencil “tree story” of the mainstay, and the school-children pencil ” Hello Nature. ” pencil This will appeal to users and their parents.
These pencils and pencils are those that use wood that was procured from the forest certified by the Certification Group PEFC *, which is aiming to promote sustainable forest management, to the wood axis, all products, Eco Mark certified products, green Purchasing law compliant products, GPN Eco Products.
The company’s first pencil using PEFC certification material is a domestic manufacturer. In 2016, a part of pencils and colored pencils will be adopted and evaluated to enhance products with certified materials.

The release date is in the two types of pencils and pencils for general writing [S Tree story] and schoolchildren pencil [ Hello Nature. Kakikata Pencil], all species is October 17.

“S tree Story Forest Certification pencil” HB/B/2b (Trade name) = left photo
A dozen boxed (12) MSRP is 518 yen (excluding Tax: 480 yen)
3-Pack (HB/B) MSRP is 129 yen (JPY 120 per tax)

S Tree Story forest certified pencil with RUBBER HB (Trade name) = The second from the photo left
A dozen boxed (12) MSRP is 777 yen with tax (720 yen by tax)

“S wood story can color pencil” 12 colors set (Trade name) = The third from the left photo
MSRP: 864 yen (¥ 800 per tax)

“S wood story can color pencil” 24 colors set (Trade name) = Photo Right
MSRP: ¥1,720 (JPY 1,600 per tax)

[Features of the S-Tree story series]
I used the PEFC certification material matchsticks the pencil.
The appearance of the pencil and the color pencil is a transparent paint finish that valued the warmth of the tree and the beauty of the wood skin.

Schoolchildren pencil “Hello nature” Pencil 4b/6b (Product name)
A dozen boxed (12) MSRP is 648 yen (¥600 per tax)
The retail price of the three pack is 162 yen including tax (150 yen by taxes)

[Features of the Hello Nature. kakikata Pencil Series]
In response to the tendency that a dark pencil is recommended for the new semester, we will release a dark pencil of 4B/6B added to the school children’s pencil Hello Nature. Series.
I used the PEFC certification material matchsticks the pencil.
(The existing pencils (B, 2B) and colored pencils of the Hello Nature. Series ARE all PEFC certified materials.) )
The appearance of the pencil and the color pencil is a transparent paint finish that valued the warmth of the tree and the beauty of the wood skin.
I printed a wild animal parent and child that I want to cherish in a dozen boxes. There are two patterns of the Handwillow and the Lesser Panda.
The pencil axis printed an illustration of the animal and added one point to the axis of the tree skin. The annual sales plan of the wooden story pencil and colored pencils is 3.5 million, approximately 160 million yen (retail price), and ” Hello Nature. Scraping Pencil” 4B/6b Annual Sales plan is 420,000 books, about 20 million yen (retail price).

In addition to this, we have also expanded the forest Certified pencils using PEFC certification materials, although we have been selling the ECO Mark certification, the green Purchasing law conformity, and the GPN eco-products Innovation pencil in the effective use of wood (finger joint), etc. We will strive to enhance the environment-friendly pencils.


<About PEFC Certification Materials>
PEFC authentication is a mechanism by which users can choose an authenticated product to ensure participation in the promotion of forest management. In 2008, the company acquired the certification of PEFC * from the forest certification organization.
The company prints the PEFC certification mark = Figure Right = In the package in the forest certified pencil, and the message is as follows.
“This product uses raw materials and management materials from sustainably managed forests. 」

* The PEFC Forest certification program is the world’s largest forest certification system that puts its headquarters in Switzerland and Geneva, and is an independent nonprofit NGO that aims to promote sustainable forest management through the implementation of rigorous third-party certification. Reliable certification standards are a way for all of us to be able to enjoy the environment, society and economic benefits given by forests on a global, national and regional scale. As of 2016, PEFC has “mutually approved” the National Forest certification system of 38 countries and has more than 300 million hectares of certified forests worldwide and is the largest certification system in the world.

[Color pencil 12 colors Set contents] Color name: Kiiro/Midori/midori/Mizuiro/blue/purple/Momoiro/because it’s/orange/Light orange/sly/Kuro
Part number: CB-RS03/06/07/13/15/18/22/25/28/29/31/33

[24 color colored pencil set contents]
Color name: Kiiro/Midori/midori/Mizuiro/blue/purple/Momoiro/because it’s/orange/light orange/
Shiro/Yamabuki Iro/Paroriro/Fukamadori/Gunjio Iro/Sumiiro/because it’s Murasaki/Shuniro/Koroiro/Nekoiro/Giniro/Kin-iro
Part number: CB-RS03/06/07/13/15/18/22/25/28/29/31/33/01/04/05/10/16/19/23/26/32/34/35/36


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