No character ” Plastic Eraser MONO ” released
Stationery without the students without worry
A stationery series for the MONO examination in conjunction with a plain pencil

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) will be released in stationery stores and stationery corners nationwide on August 18, the non-character Plastic Eraser MONO of blue and black MONO stripes only.
Because the notation which restricts the one that the sentence and the English character etc. were printed in the possession goods and clothes etc. In the test site is in the examination Attention (center examination), it corresponds to the student who is struggling with the selection of stationery.
The product name is ” Plastic Eraser MONO pe01 No 2p Pack”, the MSRP is 129 yen (2 pieces) This product is a green purchasing method compliant product. The annual sales plan is 65000 (pack) and 7.8 million yen (retail price).
In conjunction with the ” MONO Mark Sheet (3-Pack)” (released in October 2015), which was stamped with only the Tombow mark that has already been sold, we have a series of non-letter stationery in the examination stationery of “write” and “erase”.
The features of this product are as follows:
■ Plastic Eraser Eraser is an Plastic Eraser MONO pe-01a with a reputation in basic performance, I changed the design of the sleeve (paper case) for examination. PE-01A size (17 x 11 x 43mm).
The ■ Sleeve is a symbol of the ” MONO ” brand, with a blue-black and white three-color pattern that does not print any characters, numbers, or symbols in addition to the color pattern. We believe that even if you do not have any letters or symbols, you can recognize that it is the Plastic Eraser of the MONO brand by the color of blue and white that is our registered trademark *.
■ Sales form was set to 2 pieces. It is common for examinees to bring two pieces of Plastic Eraser to spare when dropping them from the desk. This is because the lending of stationery etc. at the test site is forbidden.
Mono Stripe has been registered as “trademark consisting only of color”. The mono-eraser sleeve blue-Black mono-stripe has been followed by the design, and was registered as the first “trademark consisting of color only” in the protection system of a new type of trademark (March 10, 2017).

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