Expanding the experience of the lightweight running Correction Tape ” MONO Air”
100,000 Plastic Eraser MONO Magnet to User Premium

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) is a surprisingly light erase Correction Tape ” MONO Air”(user rating at the bottom of the page) In order to promote the dissemination of the sales promotion plan with user premiums will be carried out on April 20.
The promotion plan name is ” Correction Tape with MONO Air” limited magnet.
User Prize is ” Plastic Eraser MONO Type Magnet”, in the school and office, such as a white board and lockers, convenient tool that can fix such as memo writing to refrigerator and dishwasher at home. W30×H15×D8 millimeter mini-size while powerful neodymium magnets are employed.
The target product is ” MONO Air” tape width 6 mm, 5 mm, 4.2 mm standard three types and color type three (see below photo).
The magnet of the prize has three colors pattern, blue and white MONO color magnet, pink pattern magnet, I have set the green pattern magnet to each product.
The MSRP price is 270 yen for all types of tax (250 yen by tax). The target product with the prize is limited to 105,000 pieces.

[Mono- MONO Air target products with Plastic Eraser MONO Type magnet]

” MONO Air” is a Correction Tape of the world’s lightest running (our survey) which is 61% lighter than the ability to pull out the tape. The feeling of use does not become heavy even if the tape remainder is slightly. It is equipped with an air touch system that locks when the head releases the lock by the power to touch the paper and releases it in the body. The use of light and comfort is sustained from the beginning to the end.
Since the nationwide release in June 2016, sales results are a good start with 160% (specialty stores).

Other features
■ Compact shape
A compact body with a thickness of 17mm (maximum) of 785mm. Closure to the pen case.
■ 4.2 mm/5mm/6mm width and all kinds of 10m rolls
It is a 10m roll that can be used for a long time. Use-only, vertical-pull type.
■ Unobtrusive, quiet operation
There is no driving sound when using. I took care of the use in the classroom and the library.
■ Stabilization pivoting tape head adopted
Even when it is pulled by a light force, the shake is corrected and the tape float is reduced. I fix it comfortably even for the first time use.
New development tape with improved ■ adhesion
It is a high quality tape that is hard to scraping even if it writes from the tape even if light power adheres firmly to the space.
■ With Head protector
Guard the tip when not in use.
■ MSRP is 270 yen for all types of tax (250 yen by tax). (The product with the prize is the same price as a general product)

Storefront display


>>Lightness that makes you want to mistake! MONO Airuser Rating


※ Three colors of blue and black and white of “MONO” of the Tombow Pencil is the first “trademark consisting only of color” as of March 1, 2017,
Registration was accepted by the JPO.


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