Announcement of some product price revisions (date of implementation: May, 2017)

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Thank you for your patronage of Tombow Pencil products from the usual.
Although we have been striving to maintain the price of our customers due to the efficiency of production and the reduction of costs, we have become difficult to maintain the price due to the rise in the cost of materials from the occasion and labor costs at overseas production sites.
In order to ensure stable supply of high-quality products in the future, we have a reluctance, but we will revise the MSRP as follows for a part of our products.
In the future, we will strive to improve the quality of our products and strive to develop a new product that satisfies our customers, so we look forward to your understanding.


● Target product: Colored pencil, liquid glues , water ballpoint pen , water marker, part of Plastic Eraser

Name Part number Old Price (excl. tax) New Price (excl. tax)
Color Pencil Dictionary Monochromatic CI-R Color Number 100 yen 120 yen
Color pencil Color Dictionary 30 colors CI-RTA/B/C 3,000 yen 3,600 yen
Liquid glues Pit Multi PT-MT/HCA-122 200 yen 240 yen
Water-based ballpoint pen REPLACEMENT Core L5P BK-L5P Color Number 150 yen 200 yen
Aqueous ballpoint pen REPLACEMENT Core LP BK-LP05/07 Color number 200 yen 250 yen
Water-based marker ABT AB-T Color Number 250 yen 300 yen
Sand Rubber Eraser MONO ES-510A/JCB-112 100 yen 150 yen
MONO Sand Eraser MONO ES-512A 100 yen 150 yen

Price revised product list (PDF)
Price Revision Date: May 1, 2017 from our shipment

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