The personal multifunction pen “Luce” is released with light and thick oily ballpoint pen pen.

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20161026_luce_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) will launch a new multi-function pen for personal use with a ballpoint pen Black, two red and a sharp pencil on November 4.
The product name is “Luce (LUCE) *” = Photo = 5 Colors of body color, the MSRP is 864 yen (800 yen excluding tax). The annual sales plan is 180,000, about 140 million yen (retail price).
* Luce (LUCE): Italy language, meaning “light”.
Luce is a slide- knock mechanism 3-function pen, (1) 0.5 mm ball, ultra-low oil-based ink “air- Air Touch Ink ” black, (2) 0.5 mm ball, ultra-low-viscosity oil ink ” Air Touch Ink ” red, (3) It is equipped with a 0.5 mm mechanical pencil. ” Air Touch Ink ” is a new oil-based ink developed by our company, and the power required for writing (written resistance) was lightened by more than 30% (our conventional product ratio/black ink) is the lightest ballpoint pen Ink that we can write lightly and thicken. It was adopted for the first time in Luce. After you knock and switch the mechanical pencil, you can put out the wick if you knock further.
20161026_luce_2The Ruche pursues a fine finish in appearance. The body has been subjected to a “high-intensity UV coat” that does not lose a beautiful luster indefinitely. This process is a high-quality, fine-grained mirror finish with UV-irradiated tip surface. The coating film strength is very high and abrasion resistance is excellent. The color is five colors of champagne gold, pink, blue, green and black, suitable for business scene, private use, etc.

Light and thick oily ballpoint pen ultra-low viscosity Air Touch Ink
20161026_luce_3Oily ballpoint pen are the most trusted and used as Writing instruments for general contracts, applications, applications, records, clerical work, etc., including official documents. Although the oily ink was accompanied by a constant pressure and writing resistance, the user came to want “a lighter, smoother Marble pattern “, and we developed a light and smooth ultra- Low viscosity ink .
This ultra-low oil-based ink, ” Air Touch Ink ,” has a 35% reduction in the force (written resistance) required for writing (our conventional product ratio/black ink). The writing resistance is the top class of ultra-low-viscosity and ultra-low-friction inks that are currently on sale. Our company is called “Air Air Touch Ink ” From a light Marble pattern like air.
In addition, the ” Air Touch Ink ” has a 28% improvement in the written concentration (conventional product ratio/black ink). By making a new twist to the formulation of the colorant, the ink flow rate and the line width are the same as conventional products, but can be clearly dark writing and suitable for writing of small characters. This written concentration is in the top class of ultra-low-viscosity and ultra-low-friction inks that are currently on sale.
The technical background of the Air Touch Ink is to improve the ink from sweeping, greatly reducing the force required to rotate the nib ball, and to suppress the writing resistance. In addition, we improve the machining accuracy of the tip of the ballpoint pen (called a chip) and reduce the coefficient of friction between the ball and the ball seat receiving it. By improving the ink performance and machining accuracy, we have completed a surprisingly light and thick oily ballpoint pen .
Replacement core ( Air Touch Ink ) Part number: BR-CAE33 (Black)/BR-CAE25 (red)/ball Diameter: 0.5 mm/Price: 80 yen + tax

(Other features)
20161026_luce_4I adopted the L-shaped clip of ■ sharp design. It is a feature that the tail plug does not fly out deeply in the notebook and the pocket, and can carry smartly. The clip is made of metal and has excellent durability.
■ Slim body with a diameter of 11.5 mm that can be stored smoothly in the pen holder.
The three-sided cut grip that the ■ fingertips stabilize.


From left, champagne gold, black, blue, green, pink

From left, champagne gold, black, blue, green, pink

Blister Pack

Blister Pack

Luche Storefront Display

Luche Storefront Display

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