Give me a pencil.
” Hello Nature. Gift Pencil Set” released

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20161014_HN2_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) will release a pencil set for gifts on October 21. In the event of a new entrance, advancement, party, etc., I propose a custom to send a pencil useful for learning.
To release the ” Hello Nature. Gift Pencil Set” (trade name). The contents were finished for the gift to put the original seal in the dressing box with 12 pieces and 1 MONO Plastic Eraser . The MSRP is 800 yen (864 yen tax).

The features of this product are as follows.
■ Is a gift wrapping that can be present as it is, a decorative box printed rosette ribbon of ornate gold stamping.
20161014_HN2_2I printed the illustrations of wild animals on the tree axis that made use of the ■ skin. The animal is the six species of the Koutei penguin, Hand willow, sea otter, cheetah, Lesser Panda, and the red deer, and each pattern is two pieces. Pencils used certified Timber PEFC certification organizations that are striving to promote sustainable forest management. * 1
■ Is the original seal of the wild animal. I have to seal the illustrations printed on the pencil. Can be used for letter seals, etc.
■ MONO Plastic Eraser is one piece.
* 1 The CERTIFICATION Council, which operates the PEFC Forest Certification program (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest schemes PEFC), is a nonprofit, independent NGO, It was established in 1999 with the aim of promoting sustainable forest management through the implementation of independent third party certifications from stakeholders. PEFC provides the means by which buyers of timber and paper products can participate reliably in promoting sustainable forest management. (Excerpts from the PEFC asiaapproaches home page)20161014_HN1_2

According to our questionnaire, “stationery that was received by the celebration/was glad to receive”, “Pencil” and ” Plastic Eraser ” was the top 2 * 2. The scenes for elementary school students to celebrate are not limited to enrollment and promotion, but also a variety of gifts for children’s associations, lessons, birthdays and events. We propose a ” Hello Nature. Gift Pencil Set” as a gift product, regardless of the season, for a wide range of children’s gift needs.
* 2: Examination of Tombow Pencil /January 2016 Web survey/600 children’s mothers


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