Lightly draw Correction Tape lightest
Quick fix MONO AIR to a slight amount of remaining light

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) will launch the new “MONO Air ( MONO Air)” (trademark) on June 8 at stationery stores and stationery corners nationwide, with a light force that can be Correction Tape . The power to pull out the tape by applying the Correction Tape to the paper was halved (our conventional product ratio). This light drawing force is the world’s lightest (our survey), and it is displayed and sold in the packaging with “surprisingly light erase”.
Three kinds of tape width 4.2 mm, 5mm, 6mm to be released. The color pattern is standard type and color type (lime blue pink) by tape width. The release period is limited to Pearl blue, pearl yellow, three color variations of pearl pink (tape width 5mm Limited) will be released = Photo/endnote =. All the 10m roll, it is a use-only type. The MSRP is 270 yen for all types of tax (250 yen by tax). Eco Mark certified products, green Purchasing Law compliant products (excluding limited edition).
The annual sales plan is 1.5 million units and 370 million yen (retail price).

“MONO AIR” Correction Tape that will erase the pull force by half surprisingly lightly
20160601_monoai_2The advantage of this product is that it lightened the drawing force of the tape 61 (tape remaining 10m) than conventional products. I can fix it without stress quickly by the sense to trace the correction part lightly.
The reason why the tape drawer of the Correction Tape So far was heavy was to prevent the slack of the tape when the head was released from the paper. Therefore, it became difficult to use about 30 drawing force becomes heavy on average when the tape remaining amount becomes slight. (Because the diameter of the reel is small).
This product has a built-in mechanism to control the tape running. By using the power of the correction head to touch the paper, “Tape running (unlocking)” and “Tape Stop (lock)” by separating from the paper, the Resistance (weight) that was always loaded on the reel has been halved. As a result, the drawing force at the time of use was reduced by 61 at the beginning of usage (tape 10m) %、58% (compared with our conventional products).

Our company calls the mechanism that the tape runs with light touch like air as “air touch system”, and displays this product with the right symbol mark in the first.

What is the “air touch system”?
The air touch system of this product is a mechanism to control the tape running by using the force to push and release the correction head to the paper. When used, it switches to “run” and “stop” when unused.
(1) Release the lock on the supply reel by applying a slight force (driven from 100g) on the paper to the correction head (bottom left).
(2) When the head is released from the paper, the supply reel is locked and the tape drive stops (right figure below).
This product is novel in that it is satisfied by using the mechanism which drives the usability that the confrontation is technically a light drawing power (a lightweight draw force), and the tape does not sag (heavy drawing force) by the air touch system.
Figure description
■ MONO AIR incorporates a full-length 64.5 mm moving lock arm. A
■ Fix head is located at the tip of the arm, through the fulcrum, one is meshing the projection of the Correction Tape supply reel (b) (locking mechanism). The arm is locked with a metal spring and has a lightweight torque.
If more than 100g of force is applied to the modified portion of the ■ Correction Correction Tape , the correction head moves to about 0.5 mm upward. This movement is transmitted to the locking mechanism through the fulcrum to release the lock that meshes with the supply reel. The tape travels with a light drawing force which is not so far.
After ■ Fix the Fix head is released from the paper, the supply reel returns to the locked state. The tape slack does not sag because the running of the Correction Tape has stopped.

MONO AIR Other Features
■ Compact shape20160601_monoair_5
A compact body with a thickness of 17mm (maximum) of 785mm. Closure to the pen case.
■ 4.2 mm/5mm/6mm width and all kinds of 10m rolls
It is a 10m roll that can be used for a long time. Use-only, vertical-pull type.
■ Unobtrusive, quiet operation
20160601_monoai_6There is no driving sound when using. I took care of the use in the classroom and the library.
■ Stabilization pivoting tape head adopted
Even when it is pulled by a light force, the shake is corrected and the tape float is reduced. I fix it comfortably even for the first time use.
New development tape with improved ■ adhesion
It is a high quality tape that is hard to scraping even if it writes from the tape even if light power adheres firmly to the space.
■ With Head protector
Guard the tip when not in use.


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