School Stationery series Ippo of Tombow ! 2016
Meet the needs of the new freshman and the parents

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20151214_ippo_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo, President, Akihiro Ogawa) is a school stationery “Ippo! I will enrich the series ( ippo! ).
The new release for the spring of 2016 is the “Kakikata pencil 4B/6B” new pattern ( Mark), and “Blue Pencil for Round” ( mark). In addition to these, the school stationery series Ippo!, “write, Erase, stick” products are enriched in 20 varieties, 75 items of the mainstay, satisfy the request of the child and its parents who refrained from admission.
The series will be developed at stationery stores, department stores and retail chain stores from the end of December to the next spring as “New School supplies” (the corner installation is optional).
The series started in spring 2010. We have received the “Kids Design Award” (2012/2013/2014) “Good Design Award” (2010), which has been evaluated to produce products that observe children and guardians.

Ippo! New release for spring 2016

The new pattern of the pencil for schoolchildren “Black Lead Pencil ippo! The MSRP is JPY 648 (600 yen for the main price).
The advantage is that the core of the “4B” and “6B” of the concentration recommended in the class of the transcription is adopted. The appearance is a plain design of the non-character suitable for the learning environment in the classroom. Blue system, pink system two new package is released, it will be all three types in conjunction with the conventional green system. The blue axis color of the three colors of the navy blue light green each four in a dozen, pink system to mix each of the three colors of pink purple pale blue in a dozen, and colorful. In addition, we have made it easy to distinguish the pencil for transcription in the pencil box by color-coded orange paint on the tail plug of yellow, 6B to the pen tail plug of 4B. We have been selling “Kakikata pencil 4B/6B”, but each green package and axis color were the only. In addition to a new product with a multi-color deployment similar to B/2B for learning, it captures the demand for 4B/6B that is often recommended.

○ Pencil Axis Length 176 mm, thickness 7.8 mm. Hex.
○ A White “Mae” space has been set up.
○ The “Correct holding of pencils” is taught in a package of a dozen boxes and three serees.

[Material] “Ippo!” degree
The mainstream of the new entrance pencil shipment is 2B and B, and it occupies 90%. 4B and 6B are less than 10% together. However, the number of 4B/6B shipments has increased by about four times in four years (2010-2014), and the tendency to “prefer/recommend Dark pencils” has been conspicuous.

20151214_ippo_6Ippo! Blue Pencil for Round light 2016 New Year release

The New Year 2016 will be released for school children’s pencil “Ippo! The MSRP is a two-pack price of 129 yen (120 yen).
“Blue Pencil for Round” is a sister product of the red pencil for round. The answer (the first answer) “Red”, the correct answer (the second) is often put a circle in the “Blue” (※ table), the blue Pencil will be released by adding.
The blue color is Pulshan blue (Indigo) and is a hexagonal shaft suitable for writing. Blue pencils are one of the products that are easily purchased in a retail store (in small lots) and meet the demand by making a series with Ippo!
○ Pencil Axis Length 176 mm, thickness 7.8 mm. Hex.



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