The slim business pen of a new society person
Two ballpoint pen pens and a sharp pen to 9.5 mm fine body.
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151014_zoml104_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) will launch a multi-function pen with a ballpoint pen pen black, red and mechanical pencil on October 22nd.
The product name is “ZOOM L104”, and the MSRP is 3,240 yen (main body 3,000 yen), 3,456 yen with touch pen (main body 3,200 yen). The sales plan is limited to approximately 20,000 units, approximately 60 million yen (retail price).
This product is a business pen for the new society people and men and women, sign black ballpoint pen , red ballpoint pen to mark Check, three types of WritingIn a single metal body. The model equipped with a touch pen compatible with a tablet or smartphone on the tail plug will be released at the same time. The body color of the multi-function pen is five colors, silver, navy, deep red, Peacock green, orange. Multi-function pen + touch pen is two colors of silver and navy.
The advantage is that it does not feel the multi-function pen of 9.5 mm in diameter. With the use of metal that can be thin and dense, even if the material is thinner, it realizes ease of use and ease of carrying in approaching a single functional pen. Turning the pen is a rotary type, for example, in the ballpoint pen right rotation, the pen black → ballpoint pen red → mechanical pencil switches.
With a touch pen, a capacitive touch pen with a diameter of 6.5 mm and a height of 4 millimeters (semi-circular) was mounted on the tail plug, in addition to the above multifunctional pen and smartphone and tablet.
Form to fit well into the hand by slimming the ■ body shaft rear. The distal end of the body shaft (90mm length) is 9.5 mm in diameter and the rear (46mm length) is narrowed to 8.5 millimeters in diameter. It realizes a feeling of grip that is calm.
■ Body is a metal color painting. I realized a color with depth by overlapping the painting multiple times. The surface was finished with a coating that gives a glossy and moist texture.
■ With Plastic Eraser . The tail plug is rotated and removed and used. (Same with touch pen)
The body is divided into two parts when the rear is supported by supporting the ■ body shaft tip, and refill and the core can be replenished.
■ Clip is a spring type that never weakens. It opens about three millimeters and corresponds to the suit of thick ground.



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