“Stick” fun.
Two types of high-function tapes with colorful slide type.
Release of two pit-retry slides/pit-Power slides

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2050311_slide_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) has two types of high-function glue tapes . It is possible to carry it by the pen case, and to make it to the size which does not take space on the desk, and to buy it easily.

It is the next two products to be released.
2050311_slido_2“Pit Retry Slide” (trade name) is pasted for one minute and can be fixed (retry) position correction, then the function tape ※ 1 to adhere firmly, it is ideal for student print, memo pasting, etc. The shape is 295mm × 65mm (maximum value), the weight 13g, the sensation in hand is equivalent to the medium Plastic Eraser . It is easy to carry in a pen case and does not take space on the desk. The manufacturer’s preferred retail price is 180 yen (194 yen including tax) with a tape width of 8.4 mm × 7m. The color pattern is the standard (pink) and the ramune of the limited pattern, and three color patterns.
2050311_slide_3The “Pit Power Slide” (trade name) is a strong adhesive tape power tape from the moment you put it (our conventional ratio and adhesive strength 20% increase)※ 2 , firmly adhere thick kraft envelopes and photos, It is suitable for posting and managing important documents such as resumes. It is economical without the need to fill twice. The shape is 295mm × 65mm (maximum value), the weight 13g, the sensation in hand is equivalent to the medium Plastic Eraser . It is easy to carry in a pen case and does not take space on the desk. It is a use-only type of 8.4 mm × 6m tape width, the MSRP price of 180 yen (194 yen tax). The color pattern is a three-color pattern of the standard (blue) and the limited pattern lemon and sakura.

* 1 About Re-try type
2050311_slide_4The glue tapes tape paste can be applied to the tape and pasted within about one minute. repositionable Once again, when the time passes by bonding, firmly adhere. The mechanism of changing the adhesive force forms a barrier layer (yellow part of the figure) that suppresses the adhesion of about 1 micron to the surface of the glue tapes . While the barrier layer moves to paper, it can be repositionable for about one minute. After the barrier layer has been shifted, the adhesive strength increases as the glue tapes and paper adhere to each other.
* 2 about power Tapes
The adhesive strength of this glue tapes has improved by 20% from our general-purpose glue tapes (Pit tape m). The thick Kraft envelope can be firmly sealed by the coating once. Since the “person who paints twice from uneasiness to the adhesive force” is about 40% in the glue tapes user, improve the adhesion strength and increase the economy and efficiency.

2050311_slide_5[How to use]
When glues you paint the ■, slide the bottom of the body. The roller that applies the glues protrudes, and the body can be applied with stable nigiri because it becomes 76mm about 20% elongation. The application port is guarded and the adhesive tape is not sticky in the pen case.
■ ACID FREE: glues We use materials that are considered to be difficult to discolor by oxidation of the discoloration and the bonding part by oxidation of the paste itself.


tape paste that the print can be pasted for one minute
Pit Retry Slide

2050311_slide_7From the left, standard (pink), Ramune (limited pattern), thigh (limited pattern)


Thick Letter envelopes also adhere to tape
Glue Pit Power Slide

2050311_slide_8From the left, standard (blue) and lemon (limited pattern), Sakura (limited pattern)



The feeling in the hand is equivalent to a medium Plastic Eraser .
Compact type that is easy to carry even in pen case

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