Learn how to have a pencil and a notebook.
Set for home study, first joint planning
Ippo! Pencil set that can recap the correct grip of the pencil.

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20141117_ipposet_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Toshima, Kita-ku, Tokyo) Co., Ltd. (President, Shigeru Katgishi, head office and 850 Sano, Takaoka City, Toyama Prefecture) in collaboration with the school supplies for children to learn how to hold pencils at home will be released as new stationery supplies in 2015. Holding a pencil is important (95%* 1), but it responds to the needs of parents, such as “I do not know how to teach” and “I do not teach it because I cannot have it properly” (guardian).
The name of the product is Ippo! It is a pencil set that can recap the correct holding of a pencil, and the suggested retail price is 770 yen * 2+ tax. Tombow Pencil Sell. The product comes with a selease pack, and the size is 300 x horizontal 260 × 20mm thick.
Since the sale will be developed in the “New Entrance Stationery Corner”, which is established by stationery stores, department stores, and mass retailers, the release date is optional for distribution, but will generally start from December 2014.
There are three types of “blue”, “pink” and “natural” (the difference by the pattern of the pencil/One note). In this season, we planned to have 40,000 sets and a price of approximately 30 million yen.
This product is composed of “Kakikata pencil” and “How to study book”. You will experience the attitude of learning, how to put your hands on the desk, and how to hold the pencil on your right hand, and actually write a letter in your study book. While learning to be concerned about how to hold them, we will familiarize them with the classroom.

The details of this product are as follows.
【 How to Stir pencil 】20141117_ipposet_2
The pencil was made of a Tombow Pencil and was used as a “low grade pencil” (trade name). 2B Shin 11, 1 red pencil for round, and 6 square axes. This product is a pencil (161 mm) which shortened the length by 15 millimeters in consideration of the child’s hand and physique. It is a safe design that the balance is good even at the beginning of use, it is hard to face, and rounded the corner of the head of the pencil The pencil is chosen from three patterns of blue, pink, and natural.

【 Training Book 】20141117_ipposet_3
The notebook is made by Showawin, and this joint project is the original “How to study book”. In the notebook of B5 format 26, the practice page is the same specification as “wary or 12 mass cross leader 18mm mass 12 × 8” in the Japonica study book. At the beginning of the show, I explained “Tadashiku and good” and “the pencil was grabbed.” What is the pencil made of? “How to make a pencil” was explained, and answered a simple question of the child.
I put the two points of the instruction book in a separate volume. One is a phonetic guide for Ruby, which is an example of 8 pages in A5 format, where children open their notebooks. I also posted “How to bring a pencil on the left hand”. The other one was to give advice on the point of attitude and the improvement of the angle of the pencil at the point of the guidance to the parents of the color of B5 2 page.


This product is a collaborative plan in which the accumulation of the Learning book creation which can study while enjoying the knowledge about the know-how of guidance and pencils that the Tombow Pencil has cultivated, and the enjoyment of Showawan.

* 1:300 women 20 to 40 years old with children aged 2-4, survey in August and September 2009, Web Survey, Tombow Pencil

* 2: About the sales price. The suggested retail price of our “low grade scraping pencils” is ¥600 + tax, the retail price of the general study book is 170 yen + tax, and the retail value of this joint project is equivalent to the combined price.

Ippo! Pencil set that can recap the correct grip of the pencil.
Pink (left) blue (upper right) natural (bottom right)



About the Ippo series >
Stationery series for schoolchildren “Ippo!” Is a stationery series that has been improved by listening to the needs of parents of elementary school children who started in 2009, and incorporating them into products. I went back to the starting point and thought about stationery that is easy for children to learn. Specifically, in consideration of the physique, dexterity and interest of children, we reviewed the size, shape, and method of use, which are common sense as stationery. Ippo! series has commercialized all 19 species.

Ippo! Dedicated home page → http://www.tombow-ippo.jp

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