Once the paint is strong and sealed
New mechanism to be applied from the beginning
Release of ” PIT Power-D” glue tapes for important documents

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20140617_PITpower_d_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) will release a glue tapes (paper adhesive tape) ” PIT Power-D” (trade name), which has improved adhesive tape and the hollowing mechanism, on June 23 at stationery stores nationwide and mass retailers.
This product is suitable for important documents because the adhesive strength is strongest in the glue tapes (our investigation), and the thick Kraft envelope etc. are firmly sealed by the coating. It also enhances the economy. In addition, you can devise a mechanism (body), eliminate the air slip of the start of the coating, and apply from corner to corner.
The ” PIT Power-D” is an oval with a length of 89 mm x 46 mm x a thickness of 24 millimeters, and the glue tapes has a width of 8.4 millimeters, a length of 16m volumes and a Refillable . The body color is three types in two-tone color, standard is transparent and blue = on the photograph =, Berry pink is transparent pink and purple, lemon yellow is transparent green and yellow.20140617_PITpower_d_2
The desired retail price of the main unit is 400 yen (tax included price 432 yen). The tape is a refill Refillable , and the refill tape is 280 yen (tax-included price 302 yen). The annual sales plan is approximately 180 million yen (retail price), with a total of 300,000 units and 200,000 retails.
Once painted, it will be strong and sealed. 20140617_PITpower_d_3
The adhesive strength of this product is the strongest in the glue tapes . When we compare the adhesive strength of our products, which are now sold as glue tapes , to our products (right-hand test), this product is approximately 1.25 to 2x. It is possible to seal it tightly by the coating. In our research, “the person who paints twice from uneasiness to the adhesive power” was 37.8% in the user* . This product improves the adhesive strength and increases economy and efficiency.
* A study of the use of the glue tapes for 500 students and social persons using “about 4 to 5 days a week” or “about once a week”. In July 2013, the Tombow Pencil was carried out.
New mechanism Pitasystem from the beginning20140617_PITpower_d_4
The new mechanism Pitasystem has been developed in response to the fact that it is possible to slip into the sky at the beginning of painting. When it is finished, the reel is rotated slightly and the glue tapes advances about one millimeter. In this idling mechanism, the adhesive tape always fills the head tip. This is what we call “Pitasystem”. The structure, when pressed against the paper, the head moves about 5 millimeters upward, and supports the paper to adhere with a uniform force. The head returns to the original position when the body is released from the paper after it fills. Applying the force back to the head, the tape reel is finely rotated to advance the tape about one millimeter, feed the adhesive tape to the head, and prepare for the next use.
20140617_PITpower_d_5A survey of people using glue tapes for more than three days a week, The top of the point of dissatisfaction with the glue tapes (general) was “the decrease of the glues is fast”, and the second place was “it is not possible to apply it to the paint introduction”.
This product meets the demand of these users by adopting the high adhesive power tape which does not need to be painted twice, the Pitasystem which is applied from the beginning. In addition, the glue tapes of this product is light transparent blue, so you can see the place where it was applied by eyes.
* Survey on the use of 92 people who use glue tapes for more than three days a week. In December 2013, the Tombow Pencil was carried out.
Other features >
■ The main use is the most suitable for various envelopes of Kraft paper (Atsushi), and various envelopes of general, wrapping, scrap and photo pasting, etc.
■ Replacement tapes have reduced the waste weight by 40% from our conventional products.
I made a dent below the ■ Body oval shape and made it a shape to fit a hand in various holding.
The ■ Head can be applied lightly and smoothly with a roller-type tape.
■ ACID FREE: glues We use materials that are considered to be difficult to discolor by oxidation of the discoloration and the bonding part by oxidation of the paste itself.
■ ECO Mark certified products, green Purchasing law compliant products
Our glue tapes is equipped with a new product PIT Power-D , with four types of tape, six types of body type, and three types of tape width.
(Basic features of glue tapes )
The glue tapes Glue is the one that the adhesive is put ON the pet base tape, the adhesive is applied to paper, etc., and paper is bonded. Adhesives are acrylic adhesives that are used in double-sided tapes. The used base tape (transparent) takes advantage of the rotation and winds up in the body.
(Advantages of glue tapes )
It can work speedily without the time to wait for drying like liquid glues and adhesive.
glues like liquid glues or sticky about the hand, do not stain your hands. It is suitable as a learning equipment such as printing, and the office environment using the keyboard such as a personal computer is kept clean.
-Without wrinkles on the paper, the finish is clean because the pasted state is not visible on the surface.




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