10 Colors of Plastic Eraser new pattern like lip
MONO One “Love Kore” Vol. 2 released

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20140522_monoonelove2_1Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo), from the Holder Eraser [ MONO one /min-o one], will be released in limited quantities from June 5, the second collection of lovely collections for girls elementary and junior high school students.
The first collection, which was launched in August 2012, is popular and responds to the needs of users.
The product name will be released at the same time ” MONO one lovely collection 2″ (Mono one Lovely Collection2) and 10 patterns. The suggested retail price is 1, 150 yen + tax (162 yen tax).


20140522_monoonelove2_3Features of the Holder Eraser MONO one >
■ This product is characterized by the short length of 75 mm in the Holder Eraser , it is accepted that it is easy to erase the size and character of the lipstick, it is becoming popular with students.
■ This product holds a diameter of 6.7 mm and a 50 mm long rod (cylinder) Plastic Eraser in the holder. The holder is a slightly thicker mechanical pencil with a diameter of 14 millimeters (maximum) and a length of about 75 millimeters and weighs 9 grams. It is the shortest size of the Holder Eraser (at the time of release). Turn the grip part to adjust the Plastic Eraser ‘s attitude. The basic form was released in February 2007.
20140522_monoonelove2_4The feature of the ■ Plastic Eraser is (1) perfect for erasing one character. About 90% of the users were based on the results of the survey that the three characters or less of the point was erased (the Tombow Pencil Survey was conducted in July 2006 for a high school student and a society of 120 people). (2) It can be easily erased with a sharp pencil or pencil. It corresponds to the student’s erasing style which does not interrupt writing and wants to fix it quickly.
The suggested retail price for the ■-2 Plastic Eraser (2pcs) is 100 yen + tax (108 yen tax).


MONO One Lovely Collection 2



Launched with a glamorous storefront display

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