Shake, Wick, turn and erase.
MONO GRAPHS/Mono graph 0.5/0.3 released

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo), we put together a mechanical pencil and Holder Eraser to shake out the core, and release a composite stationery that can be “write and erase” in the pen turn (pen Spinning) sensation.
The mechanical pencil is a ” shake-mechanism function” (nicknamed), and the Plastic Eraser is turned to the tail of the body and the Holder Eraser can be put out when the pen is swung vertically.
The product name is ” MONO Graph/mo Graph” (trademark), and two types corresponding to the Spare Leads of 0.5 mm core and 0.3 mm core, each 6 patterns (appended form) will be released simultaneously. The suggested retail price is 350 yen + tax. Release date is April 10, 2014. The annual sales plan is 1.5 million and 525 million yen (retail price).
The feature of this product is a standard pen with a total length of 147 mm, a mechanical pencil of ” shake-mechanism ” that can be centering and shaking, Holder Eraser of 5.3 mm length 26 mm (practical 16 mm) Is a composite of the function of writing and correction with. The body axis is waved as the possession hand which is writing is shaken, and the body axis is rotated half up and down by the way of the pen rotation and it turns off. It can be written quickly and accurately.

On the mechanical pencil of the shake-mechanism function
It is a sharp pen of [ shake-mechanism function] that can be centering when shaking the body axis remains of writing poses. The mechanism is that the built-in pipe-shaped metal weight (3g) = Photo = is moved up and down, and the body axis is swung vertically, it shocks to the chuck part which bites the core, and this plays the role of the so-called knock and the core is repeated. The knock force needed for centering was lightened to about one-third of the general mechanical pencil (increased sensitivity), and it was able to knock by the load by a small impact. You can also slide the clip to the core.

You can stop the core and the shake-mechanism function in the clip. The return slide (push down) the clip to the nib, the stop of the ” shake-mechanism function” Slides the clip to the Plastic Eraser direction (push up) (called the “Frelock function”).
Our company released the mechanical pencil of the shake-mechanism function in 1988, and will re-release it after 26 years. The product of the same kind of knock method from other companies has been released. The Fit Spare Leads is our MONO WX0.5 (200 yen + tax/40 pieces), MONO WX0.3 (300 yen + tax/20 pieces).

About the Holder Eraser to turn out and to repeat
I was equipped with a Holder Eraser of the rotation-out type in the tail portion that usually has a knock stick. Rotate the ring to use the desired length. We assume about 3-4 millimeters. The Plastic Eraser is ideal for word and erasing in a diameter of 5.3 mm. This is a new synthetic Plastic Eraser that is difficult to crack with less deflection. Since it can be used in practical use 16 mm, you can erase about 6.5 times the normal mechanical pencil Plastic Eraser . Suitable Plastic Eraser is for the replacement Plastic Eraser MONO graph (100 yen + tax/3 pieces).

The tip of this product (0.3, 0.5 mm common) which reproduces
The tradition of the sharp pencil for drafting
is adopted a first gold pipe of the outline diameter of 1 mm and a length of 4 millimeters. The tip of the gold pipe is a pen tip for the traditional drafting mechanical pencil, which was reproduced for learning. It is suitable for the writing of a small letter and the drawing, and writing using the drawing to maintain the brightness of the paper with a good pen tip.

Other features >
■ Low center of gravity design for stable and difficult writing
■-Core refill is a traditional way of removing the Holder Eraser
The ■ Tip is a see-through body of shake-mechanism
■ 6 Colors Colorful body
Standard MONO stripe, blue, pink, lime, red, black


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