Tape width 2.5 mm, Shape MONO Plastic Eraser
Released the ” MONO NOTE ” Correction Tape for notes

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (President, Akihiro Ogawa, head office, Kita-ku, Tokyo) will release a tape-width, 2.5-millimeter note Correction Tape . For students over junior high school, the Correction Tape (61.5%) has a high utilization rate after the Plastic Eraser (95.5%), and a product that is easy to make a detailed correction suitable for the student notebook with the border was hoped for.
The release is ” MONO NOTE /min-o Note” (trademark). 2.5 mm wide tape with 4 meters built-in type, the retail price is 200 yen + tax. The body color pattern is five kinds, standard (3-color stripe of MONO Plastic Eraser ) = Photo =, black, blue, green, pink. Released on April 14, 2014. The annual sales plan is 500,000 units and 100 million yen (retail price).
The feature of this product is to use the industry’s thinnest * 2.5 mm width Correction Tape for the tape width, and to make it easier to correct the characters noted between the borders. I made the shape to be a familiar Plastic Eraser form to the student, and put it next to the note and was able to fix it quickly. This is the industry’s first Correction Tape for 2.5 mm wide tapes.
* The 2.5 mm width Correction Tape is the world’s thinnest, and the company was launched in 1995 as “The narrowness of the brush of the correction solution”, and then, it has been commercialized from each company.
To use it, slide the upper slide button with your finger, and the modified head of 5 millimeters in width and 8 mm long will be fixed. Pull the 2.5 mm width Correction Tape with the head to the part you want to fix. You can rewrite write to the correct place immediately. In addition, you can put the slide button back and put the head in the body when you are finished, and carry it in rough with a pen case.

■ Student notes easy to fix letters between narrow borders 2.5 mm width correction tape
The product is the industry’s thinnest 2.5-millimeter-width Correction Tape , with a 7-millimeter line of a ruled note, a 6-millimeter B ruled note, It is suitable for correcting the character between the borders written in the 5-millimeter C ruled note, correcting only the kanji (polarization), making (ERU), the crown, and correcting part of the formula. In the survey, the rate of Correction Tape used by the junior high and high school and university students increased every year by “61.5%”* , and the high utilization rate was second only to the Plastic Eraser in the Correcting . This Correction Tape If you ask the customer for the product, “I want you to make it easier to modify the finer details (26.0%)”* was higher.
* In the examination of Tombow Pencil , high and 2,406 students in college and women held in October 2012
■ 2.5 mm width Tape-only Correction Tape (body) is the first in the industry
This product is a block form of 26 × 13 × 61 mm, “MONO Plastic Eraser ” (PE04/Size: 23 × 11 × 55 mm) is a sense of use close. It can be fixed with a quick motion with the index finger attached to the thumb middle finger to have a familiar Plastic Eraser . This is the industry’s first Correction Tape for 2.5 mm wide tapes. 2.5 mm width Tape Correction Tape have been sold in the past, including our company and other companies, which were mounted on standard Correction Tape (bodies) compatible with 2.5 to 6 mm tapes. The shape was large. The block form is less likely to roll down from the desk, and can be stored without any waste in the pen case. The weight is 10g and lightweight.

Other features >
■ Slide head mechanism :
The correction head can be stored in the body. Protect the tape when you carry it. To use it, gently press the upper knob with one hand and slide it. It is called the Slide head mechanism .

■ Skeleton head:
For a more accurate correction, the material of the correction head was made transparent resin. It is called a skeleton head. It is easy to apply to the correction part and keeps the pull direction bright.

■ Ultrafine Particle modified film:
It is a super fine particle correction film that adheres well to paper irregularities and has excellent rewrite ability. There is almost no blurring or bleeding, and a writing line almost equivalent to the paper is obtained by rewrite . The modified film is difficult to scraping with a pen of the fine, and can be rewrite with oil, water, gel ink ballpoint pen .

Integrated production system of Tombow Pencil >
Correction Tape It is important to harmonize the shape design, driving performance, and coating performance because a variety of quality such as “ease of use”, “easy to modify” and ” rewrite is clean” is required. In pursuit of improving the total quality from the user’s point of view, the company has established an integrated production system for all production processes of Correction Tape in-product.

From left, standard (MONO stripe), black, blue, green, pink


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