Regarding price revision

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Tombow Pencil Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-cu, Tokyo, President: Akihiro Ogawa) will revise the suggested retail prices of some writing instruments, erasers, correction tapes, etc. effective June 1, 2023.

Background factors for this action include soaring prices of major raw and packaging materials as well as rising energy and logistics costs. While Tombow has continued efforts to maintain prices by improving production efficiency and reducing costs, having reached the limit there is no alternative but to revise the prices of the products listed below.

Tombow will continue to strive to reduce costs and provide valuable products. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

1) Target product
Erasers, correction tapes, glue tapes, liquid glue, mechanical pencils MONO graph, ballpoint pen MONO graph Lite.
>>Target products

2) Price revision range
Price increase range will be average 14% of the suggested retail price (excluding tax)

3) Price revision timing
June 1, 2023

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