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History of pencils

History of the pencil industry

In the Meiji era, a civilization enlightenment was created, and it was imported in large quantities. In 1885, 25,750 Gross, and in Meiji 38, statistics that were imported about ten times remain.
The production of the Japan began with the establishment of a pencil factory by Yashiro Koike, who studied in 1874 (Naoki Iguchi, Fujiyama). Three years later, in 1877, Tokuemon Kawahara, who studied Germany pencils and established a self-taught method, created a factory. In Meiji 17, Yasujiro Sugie, a founder of the Kawahara plant, established “Dai Nippon Pencil Co., Ltd.”, and in Meiji 20, Shinroku established “Masaki Pencil Mfg.”, and then became Yamato Masaki in Taisho 14, making it the current Mitsubishi pencil.
Ogawa Sakutaro, who studied technology at Dai Nippon Pencil Co., Ltd., became independent and made the basis for making pencils for the current Tombow Pencil . Ogawa Shunnosuke Shoten was inaugurated in 1913 and is now a Tombow Pencil .

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