Stationery Tips

Knowledge of marking pens

What is a marking pen?

First, when you think about what you call a marking, it is defined as a pen that is an ink storage body of batting or liquid type and that induces ink to tip nib by capillary phenomenon. And, the marking is used in a wide sense to say “mark”, not only to say that write a letter, draw and draw the line, and mark the various applications that said. I have been active as a Writing that does not choose a target further. The absorption surface such as paper, wood, and cloth can be written on the non-absorbing surface such as glass, plastic, and metal, of course.
It is called a marker of the pen nib of the handwriting and the square core of the signature pen, 1mm or more of the marking pen of the use to write the usual character. In English it is called a marking pen (markingpen) or a marker (marker).

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