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Japan glues History

It is said that the paper has been introduced to our country in 610 years (18 years old), and the clip of paper has begun to spread to the private sector since the Heian period, and it is estimated from that time.
The history of the glues is very old, and it is said that it was the first time that rice and glues were used to finish textiles in the seventh and eighth centuries. However, it was necessary to use it as soon as it made it because the preservation was not effective by rot easily. After that, even if the material and the form change gradually, the glues rots… The situation did not change.
It can be said that the starch glues has come to be sold in the container as now because the preservative was developed after it becomes the Meiji era. For the first time in Meiji 32, a jar of starch glues was marketed.
In Europe, Nicova made from animal bones has been widely used. On the other hand, since there was no rice culture, the starch glues hardly became widespread. In the Japan, there is a shoji, and it is said that it is best to use the thing which melted starch glues with water to put paper on this. The difference of culture is reflected in the glues .

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