Stationery Tips

Knowledge of glue

Why the glues ?

glues is bonded to paper by chemical action and mechanical action, and glues itself becomes a hardened and sturdy film, and paper and paper are combined. The chemical action is the hydroxyl group (-OH group) in the cellulose which is the component of the paper and the hydroxyl group with the glues works by hydrogen bonding.
Mechanical action, the glues enters the inside of the paper and mass, it becomes the structure that is lowered the inside of the paper, it joins. It is assumed that the bond of the paper and the glues is the main chemical action, and the mechanical action is supplementary though there are two actions.
From these, it is necessary to be liquid, to be chemically bonded with the cellulose of the paper, and to become solidified and strong structure from the necessity of soaking on the surface of the paper as a condition of the glues and burying the recess.
Starch, polyvinyl alcohol, polyvinyl pyrrolidone, etc., which is the main raw material of the glues , have this chemical effect.

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