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Materials of erasers

Plastic Eraser Raw Material

In the case of rubber Plastic Eraser made from raw rubber, natural rubber + Substitute + abrasive material is the main component. Substitute has been called sub for short. It mixes it with the raw rubber and the polishing material, puts it in the mold, and it becomes the form of the Plastic Eraser when heat treatment is done.
In the case of plastic Plastic Eraser , it is composed of a fine abrasive material of vinyl chloride resin + plasticizer + particle.
There are two types of manufacturing methods: A method of making affected in a plate shape while heating a mixed material (press method), and a method of heating and extruding into a rod (extrusion molding method).
The press method and extrusion method are both different in performance depending on the temperature in the processing process, so this is the point when making the Plastic Eraser .

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