Stationery Tips

Knowledge of erasers

A good use of Plastic Eraser

[How to apply Plastic Eraser ]
Use the corners and roundness of the eraser to Plastic Eraser match the size of the one you want to erase.
[How to put the force]
When rubbed strongly from the beginning, the powder of the core enters the back of the paper, and the powder spreads to other parts. At first, I rub it slightly lightly, and if I put a force gradually, I can erase it neatly.
[Use of a letter eraser]
If you want to fix only a part, you can use a letter eraser to erase only that part cleanly. The shaped eraser is a very thin stainless steel with a wide variety of windows open.
[Collection of eraser dust ]
If you do not scatter the eraser as much as possible, you only need to pay paper on the trash. In addition, because the Plastic Eraser eraser sticks If I tap it lightly with an eraser, it is easy to process the waste if I pluck it with a finger and collect it.
【 How to hold paper 】
Most of the Plastic Eraser works in the direction that the force of the same as the pressed force shifts the paper, and it is possible to wrinkle or tear by the direction of holding and rubbing in thin paper and weak paper. In this case, rub it with one-way to the side that is not pressed from the holding side, make a triangle with the thumb and forefinger of the hand holding, and rub gently in it, you can erase without hurting the paper.

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