Stationery Tips

Film of tapes

Tape structure and material

The tape structure is made up of three layers: adhesive layer, modified membrane, and base tape.
1. The adhesive layer works by attaching the modified film to the paper. The thickness is about 0.001 mm (1 μm), and is a pressure-sensitive adhesive used for cellophane tape.
2. The modified membrane is designed to be able to write letters and lines from the top, so that the letters and lines to be modified are concealed in a color close to the paper (concealment) and the ink is easily soaked ( rewrite ability). This raw material is close to the correction solution, it is made of white pigment and resin (solidifying white pigment) and active agent (making it easy to soak ink), and is about 0.025 mm thick.
3. The base tape may use a thin plastic film (PET film) with a strong, hard-to-stretch glassine coated with silicon. The thickness is about 0.012 ~ 0.040.

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