Stationery Tips

History of ballpoint pens

Advantages of ballpoint pen

It is a ballpoint pen pen that uses the Writing ball as a pen tip, but why is it widely used worldwide?
○ Omni-Directional: vertical, horizontal, and naname because it can be written smoothly in any direction, there is no problem in any language, any writing.
○ Pressure Response Force: ink is used as a lubricant and ink is put on paper, so you can write as long as the ball rotates regardless of the pressure.
○ Handwriting Stability: The ball is less likely to decrease and the handwriting is difficult to change.
Diversity: Various characteristics can be extracted by changing the ink.
And the like. In addition, it can be said that it is a ballpoint pen , and it is a Writing very modern Writing instrument without using an extra nerve in the pen tip and paper.

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