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Knowledge of tapes

History of Correction Tape

In Europe and the United States, typewriters were the mainstream, and various attempts were made about correcting typos. For example, you could cut it with a Sand Eraser MONO , pull it with an adhesive, or hide it with a correction solution, or say that it hides the instant lettering of a pure white solid by tapping it with the correct key. Now that I’ve moved from a typewriter to a PC and I can correct the error on the screen, I only fix the problem with the print. Therefore, the correction liquid and the paper tape began to be used mainly.
The correction Correction Tape were introduced to the Japan in 1989, almost at the same time as Europe, and the correction solution was already widespread nationwide. However, and that the erase mark becomes uneven, because there are many problems such as taking time to dry, domestic manufacturers were released at the end of 1989.
This was called the topic though there was still difficulty of using it by pressing it with the tip of the spatula shape while turning the feed roller.
In the subsequent Japan, the development of mechanisms and tapes, such as automatic winding, transverse pulling, loosening, cartridge, tape refillable, 2.5 mm, and color tapes, has rapidly progressed and has reached the world’s top level.

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