Stationery Tips

Knowledge of marking pens

The difference between a marker and a sign pen

There is no definite definition, but generally it is called a marker, the thing with the direction of the line width of 1mm or less and the one with the direction with a line width of more than 1mm is a sign pen. Among the markers, the type of medium, Medium, bold, bold, etc. are divided by the line width. The type of the sign pen also has a fine print, and it distinguishes it from 0.6 mm to 0.8 mm in a fine print, and 0.4 mm or less as ultrafine characters in our company. However, this is also attached to each manufacturer in its own way, not to say that there are certain standards.
Because there is a historical background, it is often referred to as a marker also the oily sign pen of fine print.

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