Trouble in use

Marking pens :Why no ink coming out

You may not be able to write on the marking pen even if you use the lid as a cover. Since the ink uses volatile solvents and water, it is very slow, but the solvent inside will slowly evaporate through the shaft. So the material of the shaft is made of polypropylene resin which is hard to pass water vapor and gas. Moreover, because the ink is raw, it is said that leaving it unused can result in failure in two to three years.
Water is a very small molecule, and it can be said to be plastic. The same is true for aqueous ballpoint pens. Therefore, the material of the shaft and cap is made of polypropylene resin and polyethylene resin, which have high gas barrier properties (the property of not passing air and water vapor).
Please be aware that if you do not insert the cap completely (unless there is a sound in the case of patching), the pen tip will dry.
Also, the product life can be considered. It becomes writing failure when the product life is over.
■ Wet surface
Water-based inks bleed because they are compatible with water, and oil-based inks do not blend with water, so the ink does not ride. With a marking pen, you can not write in wet places, so use a marking graph.
■ Gum tape
Unfortunately I can not write. The back of the gum tape is surface-treated so that no glue is attached. Because of this, it repels the ink of the marking pen.

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