Ballpoint pens

Trouble in use :How to handle ink leak

■ Ink leak from the tip
Try writing freely on paper to see if the ink sometimes gets heavy and light. The tip is made precisely, so be carefully not to drop or bump it, for the tip might get deformed and cannot turn back to its original position, or the ball might fall out.

■ Ink leak from the end
If the ballpoint pen is written horizontally, the ink in the tip may be interrupted. Please note that the ink may flow out from the end when the air is interrupted.

■ Pressure difference
The water-based ballpoint pens, MONO II and water-based ones using “BK-L5P” cartridge have the same structure as a fountain pen. The air in the ink tank expands when suddenly moved to a place that is warm and has low pressure such as an airplane. It uses a mechanism that can absorb the expansion of air, but the ink may flow out when it happens repeatedly. Ink might also leak when shaken strongly.

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