Ballpoint pens

Ink stains :What to do when stained by oil-based ink

In the case of skin
Please wash it with soap immediatery. It may not remove immediately, but it is washed repeatedly, and it remove gradually by bathing, etc.
In the case of paper
The ink penetrates inside the paper and does not remove to be dyed. Please cut off the surface of the paper that the ink penetrates with sand eraser.
For cloth
Please ask to the Dry cleaners. Please be aware that benzene etc. will spread the dirt. Still some stains may remain.
For leather
The ink penetrates inside and does not remove to be dyed. Please note that solvents such as benzene and alcohol may cause discoloration or damage. It is also effective to rub the small dirt with an eraser and hide it with the same color of shoes cream and colored pencils.
In the case of wood, stone, and bricks
Because the ink enters the uneven surface of the material, it does not remove. In the material with a smooth surface, it is thinner by including the detergent in the rag etc., but it is not possible to drop it completely. Please be careful to use the solvent for the material which is coated with the furniture and the floor material etc. and coating, and do after confirming it in an inconspicuous place.
Glass, metal, plastic
Remove almost completely.
(1) Rub with wet dust cloth or with detergent.
(2) If it does not remove, you can use anhydrous ethanol sold at pharmacies.
(3) Please make sure that there are no unnecessary parts, no noticeable deterioration, etc.
(Please check the material that is applied to paint, coating, etc. with special care.)
(Please do not use it in the material which is put on the ink itself such as styrene, acrylic, vinyl, hard PVC etc.)
(4) Rub the cloth until it is no longer colored.

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