Water-based Ballpoint Pens

Water-based ink ballpoint pen inspired by chopsticks (Hashi) representing the skillfulness and delicacy of Japan.

The "Ying" series is a range of new forms of pen representing Japanese culture and spirituality based on a unique interpretation.
The design based on chopsticks symbolizing food culture beautifully finished with gold and platinum leaves represents skillfulness and delicacy of Japan. Feel the Japanese elegance as you use it.

Product Features

  • Design based on chopsticks

    Chopsticks are one of the most important elements constituting Japanese food culture. The gradual shift in its shape from a square to a circle and the Kanazawa gold leaf represent the essence of chopsticks as utensils symbolizing skillfulness and delicacy of Japan.

  • Elegant Kanazawa gold leaf standing out against jet-black barrel

    "Kogane (golden)" features a gold leaf produced in Kanazawa,
    which is used for art and craftwork as well as for restoration of cultural properties, and "shirokane (platinum)" is decorated with a platinum leaf. Both are hand-crafted by skilled craftworkers.

  • Processed by aluminum machining

    Machined from aluminum individually to create a gradual shift in its form from a square to a round shape. Coated with deep and glossy black acrylic paint.

  • Fan-shaped clip

    The fan-shaped clip is designed based on a closed fan.

  • Screw cap

    The screw cap makes your writing experience more enjoyable.

  • Special package

    The voluminous special package makes the pen also ideal for gifting. The red edging represents a stage and highlights the item.


  • Kogane

  • Shirokane

16,500 yen (excluding tax 15,000 yen) 0.5mm-diameter ball Water-based ink
Ink cartridge
220 yen (excluding tax 200 yen) BK-L5P33 Ink color: black



  • 2018

    red dot design award


Precaution for Use

· Remove the resin bead attached to the pen tip before using.
· Be careful not to drop the pen to avoid causing damage to its tip and function.
· Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature when storing.
· Place the cap when carried or not used. Leaving the pen tip extended when not in use may cause stains on clothing and other materials.
· The ink may spill if dropped or shaken hard.
· Exposure to atmospheric pressure or temperature variations may cause the ink to leak out.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.
· Be careful when handling the pencil as the tip is sharp.

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