Water-based Ballpoint Pens

Cigar-like extra-thick water-based ink ballpoint pen.

A high-class model with a deep marble pattern paint based on ZOOM 505.
A rubber grip and perfect thickness ensure secure holding, while the design with a low center of gravity maintains good writing balance and comfortable performance for many hours.
Despite its heavy-looking design, you can write fast and smoothly with this water-based ink ballpoint pen.

Product Features

  • Extra-thick form

    Strong and light aluminum is used to give the extra-thick barrel a light touch in writing.
    The product was named after Havana, the city famous for its cigars, for its cigar-like shape.

  • Marble pattern design

    The elegant marble-patterned barrel is gloss-coated by hand one by one.

  • Design with a low center of gravity

    The design with a low center of gravity maintains good writing balance even when the cap is placed at the pen end.

  • Rubber grip

    The non-slip rubber grip ensures secure holding.

  • Water-based ink ballpoint pen

    A water-based ink ballpoint pen with smooth performance. Water-resistant pigment ink is used.

  • Special gift case

    The specially designed gift case makes it ideal for gifting.


  • BW-LIB

  • BW-LIT

  • BW-LIS
    Smoke gray

5,500yen (excluding tax 5,000 yen) Water-based ink 0.7mm-diameter ball Capped
Ink cartridge
275 yen (excluding tax 250 yen) BK-LP0533 Ink color: black


Precaution for Use

· Avoid writing with the pen tip pointing higher than the end. This may cause the ink to leak.
· Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and high temperature when storing.
· Retract the pen tip when carried or not used. Leaving the pen tip extended when not in use may cause stains on clothing and other materials.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for purposes other than writing.

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