Mechanical Pencils

Mechanical pencil featuring ultra-fine eraser designed for professional use.

Mechanical pencil featuring ultra-fine eraser (φ2.3mm) for precise drafting and pinpoint erasing.
High-class series of the mechanical pencil "MONO Graph" guarantees high-quality and high-precision writing and erasing.

Product Features

  • High-precision MONO eraser

    Featuring twist type ultra-fine MONO eraser (φ2.3 mm) to allow erasing with extremely high precision.

  • Long and fixed guide pipe

    The 4 mm fixed guide pipe for high visibility and precision.

  • Knurled metal grip

    The non-slip grip for comfortable writing.

  • Designed with low center of gravity

    Pencil's body designed with a low center of gravity for comfortable writing and drafting.

    How to use

  • Instruction manual

    Twist the eraser unit clockwise to propel the eraser.

  • How to use the mechanical pencil

    Push the end tip with the mechanical pen tip out to advance the lead.
    * Make sure that there is stored eraser before using.

  • How to refill

  • How to refill the mechanical pencil

    Extract the eraser unit and put leads inside from the end of the barrel. 


  • 0.5mm-diameter lead
  • 0.3mm-diameter lead
  • Replacement eraser
  • MONO color

  • Silver

  • Light blue

  • Lime

  • Pink

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen)

  • MONO color

660 yen (excluding tax 600 yen)

  • ER-MGU

110 yen (excluding tax 100 yen)



  • 2016

    Good Design Award

Precaution for Use

· The eraser is extendable as long as the cap can be twisted smoothly. Twisting forcedly may damage the mechanism.

· When using the eraser, extend it to about 2 mm.

· The eraser may break if extended too much.

· Be careful with the clasp when replacing the eraser.

· Be careful handling the pencil when it is sharpened.

· Keep it out of the reach of small children.

· Do not put the eraser, tip, and other parts in the mouth.

· Do not use it for any other purpose than writing.

· Do not use the eraser for any other purpose than erasing.

· Avoid exposure to high temperature, high humidity, and direct sunlight when storing.

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