Refills for Erasers

A high-end model of the high-precision holder eraser "MONO Zero."

A high-end model of the internationally long-selling "high-precision holder eraser MONO zero" with improved design and luxurious touch.

Product Features

  • Rectangle type: 2.5 mm x 5 mm high-precision eraser

    Ideal for correction in a small space such as monthly logs of a planner.

  • Flat aluminum body

    The 5-mm-thick flat body fits the cover of an organizer and does not take up much space. 124 mm long body and fits perfectly even small notebooks.
    The body is made of aluminum. The seamless design and alumite coating are used to add lightness, strength, and beauty.

  • Metal clip

    The strong metal clip can be firmly attached to organizers, notebooks etc. The top of the pen stays attached firmly to the cover.

  • Short-pitch knock mechanism

    You can avoid breaking the eraser by extending it to the ideal length using just one hand.

  • Metallic long guide pipe

    It can be handled like a drafting pen and allows clear view on the paper.

  • Refillable

    An economical refillable type. Replace the eraser from the tip of the sleeve.

  • NON PVC, Phthalate Free


  • Eraser
  • Replacement eraser
  • Silver

  • Black

  • Blue

  • Pink

770 yen (excluding tax 700yen) 2.5mm×5mm Rectangular type  Knock mechanism

  • ER-KUS

198 yen (excluding tax 180yen) 2.5mm×5mm Rectangular type  2 erasers per case



  • 2017


  • 2018


Precaution for Use

· Put the eraser in the sleeve after use.
· Keep it out of the reach of small children.
· Do not use it for purposes other than erasing.

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