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Through our products, TOMBOW is redefining
common practices and traditions to offer customers excitement and satisfaction.

At Tombow, we try to carefully observe and consider what is really important from everyone’s point of view. Our activity should be based not only on the customer, the distributor and fellow employees but also on understanding the values of people we interact with in order to satisfy our customer’s needs. We feel pride and responsibility towards our work, so we can continue making high quality products. Products that we invent should be the crystallization of the pride and persistence in the stationery business. So while striving for the continuous improvement of quality it is vital to perform every task with simple honesty.
Tombow Pencils’ special technologies develop from our daily efforts and hard work. Those technologies expand and more deeply cultivate our major product categories of Writing, Correcting, Gluing and Learning and through which we hope to bring customers products that they will truly enjoy.
It is Tombow’s mission to strive ever forward as a developmental manufacturer.
Our work should seek ways more effective and efficient than current practices and results.
Our failures must be solved by taking personal responsibility. It is necessary to improve the process so as to never repeat the same mistake by making the best use of new technology and know-how.
We believe our actions should contribute to society. Moreover, these actions should keep the burden on the environment to a minimum while meeting regulatory and social obligations applicable to our company.

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