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2010 Completion of integrated production system for correction tape is announced, with MONO PGX as first product (released in April). AirPress and MONO zero win Red Dot Design Award. MONO YS correction tape and ONBOOK planner pens win iF Design Award 2011.

2011 OLNO bending mechanical pencil is released. New Dragonfly Mark is announced and begins appearing on products. Tombow Pencil (Dalian) Co., Ltd. is established in Dalian, China. OLNO wins Good Design Award. MONO eraser and 8900 Pencil win Good Design Long Life Design Awards.

2012 OLNO and PiT SLIDE portable glue tape win Red Dot Design Awards. Yo-i brand for preschool children as well as ZOOM L102 multifunction pen are released.

2013 Tombow celebrates its 100th anniversary. Correction tape MONO ergo wins Red Dot Design Award. MONO Smart eraser wins Good Design Award. Reporter Smart, ballpoint pen with ultra-low viscous “Smart” ink is released.

2014 MONO graph, mechanical pencil with attached MONO eraser, is released. Correction tape MONO note and MONO graph win Good Design Awards.

2015 PiT Power D wins iF Design Award 2015.
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