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2000 PiT tape S glue is released. Tombow (Thailand) Co., Ltd. overseas production site receives ISO 9002.

2001 PiT tape S glue tape wins Design Plus Award. Tombow receives ISO 9001 for all its Japanese locations. MONO CF wins Good Design Award.

2002 PiT tape M glue tape is released. MONO NP (Non-PVC) polyvinyl chloride-free eraser is released.
Hello Nature Series (penmanship pencils and color pencils) released to support Worldwide Fund for Nature (WWN).

2003 Tombow Vietnam Co., Ltd. is established in a suburb of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam; factory begins operation in October. OBJECT Touch multicolor ballpoint pen that allows users to choose colors by touch is released.

2004 ZOOM 727 wins iF Design Award. LADIES ballpoint pen wins ISOT Stationery of the year.
REPORTER multicolor ballpoint pen with slim body and strong clip is released.

2005 American Tombow wins OPWA 2005 Leadership Award. Tombow obtains ISO 14001:2014 certification. ZOOM 414 wins iF Design Award 2006.
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