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1990 Overseas production site Tombow (Thailand) Co., Ltd. is established in Bangkok, Thailand.
SURGE (ballpoint pen for Designer Collection) goes on sale.

1991 ZOOM V472 TITAN, ZOOM OCEANIC and ZOOM ESPANA are released. PiT ART alcohol-based glue stick goes on sale.

1992 MONO WHITE TAPE YK side-action correction tape is released.

1993 KIMONOGATARI pencils win Nikkei Marketing Journal Prize. Color PiT is released. ZOOM OCEANIC wins Design Plus Award.

1994 PLAY COLOR 2, with safety caps, eight new colors, and twin-type thick and thin points is released.

1996 Kei Coat fluorescent marker that does not stain rulers is released. MONO Easier and MONO Dust Free go on sale.

1997 PiT tape AS permanent glue tape and PiT tape AK peelable glue tape are released.

1998 Tombow collaborates on manufacture of Ballpoint Pen that distinguishes paper currency for people who are visually impaired.

1999 The HB spare lead is improved. Kei Coat Alpha liquid-ink fluorescent pen is released.
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