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1913 Harunosuke Ogawa opens a shop, Harunosuke Ogawa Shoten, in Kawaracho.
H.O. Pencil (Harunosuke Ogawa Pencil ) is released.


Dragonfly ("tombow" in Japanese) mark is adopted as house mark and registered as trademark for pencils. First Tombow advertisement released in King magazine.

1939 Harunosuke Ogawa Shoten incorporates as two companies, Tombow Pencil Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (manufacturing) and Tombow Pencil Trade Co. Ltd. (sales). Harunosuke Ogawa becomes President of both companies.

1946 Start of pencil sharpener production.

1951 Factory in Oji receives certification as a JIS pencil (lead) factory (permission to display JIS Mark).

1952 HOMO highest-grade pencil is perfected and goes on sale for 30 JPY each.

1953 First marker pen released.

1958 Japan’s first flat drafting lead and holder are perfected and released. Dry Ink 50FD quick- drying oil-based markers as well as Crown Tombow ballpoint pens are released. Tombow expands as a manufacturer of all types of writing instruments.
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