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4-color Ballpoint Pen "REPORTER 4 COMPACT"

Ballpoint and Multifunction Pens

BC-FSRC40 / Ballpoint pen
Transparent Blue / Refill : BR-SF

Short body guarantees perfect portability; easy to carry in pen case or pocket.
Due to differently shaped push buttons for each color user can easily change ink colors by feeling the pen.
Slim barrel (diameter of 12 mm) makes it extremely easy to hold and write.
Strong elastic clip attaches firmly and does not slip.
Shock absorbing cushion rubber reduces the knock sound when selecting colors.

Ball size: 0.7mm. Ink color: Black, Blue, Red and Green.

5 Quantity per box in pc(s).
100 Quantity per inner carton in pc(s).
600 Quantity per shipping carton in pc(s).

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